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Terrorist Attacks (3/7/2007)

In light of the recent security incidents in London, Police Inspector Eric Monk has requested I relay the following information to you. I would be very grateful if you could pass this on to your members as soon as possible:

Attack Details.

There have been two attacks within two days.

First Attack.

The first attack failed: About 1am on the 29th June 2007. Two Mercedes vehicles were left in central London. Both vehicles were vehicle borne improvised explosive devices and contained significant quantities of petrol, together with a number of gas cylinders and nails.

It is obvious that if the devices had detonated, there could have been significant injury or loss of life.

The vehicles were parked in one of the busiest parts of central London in the early hours of a Friday morning when many, many people were leaving nightclubs and other places after an evening out.

Both vehicles were rendered safe and are now being forensically examined.

The investigation is being conducted by the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command.

Second Attack.

About 3.15pm 30.6.07 a Jeep Cherokee vehicle, was driven deliberately into the main terminal building at Glasgow airport.

The vehicle set on fire. Two men were arrested.

Considerable damage was caused to the airport terminal. One of the arrested men is in hospital. Their identity is still being confirmed.

It is believed that both incidents are linked, both are terrorist in nature and there is a significant threat to the UK.

Key Messages.

Please communicate the following key reassurance messages to colleagues, the public and partners.