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Suspect e-mails, Viruses and Worms

This page gives warnings about various suspect e-mails, viruses and worms. Please e-mail us if you find any that you think we should include.

Worm Alert!

Beware of e-mails with the subject Worm Alert! For example the one from 'Support Team Robot', contains Suspicious files in the attachments eg 43608.rar . Do not open these e-mails. They may even give your computer a worm or a virus etc!

Please see fake notice below:

e-mail message! Greeting'

Beware of e-mails with the subject '*** sent you a! Greeting'. I suggest you do not open these e-mails. Just going on the home page of the site where they say the greeting can be found, automatically downloads Exploits onto your computer. These can allow people to access and use your computer remotely. I do not know if this has been done purposely by the site concerned.

The e-mail reads something like this: 'Surprise! You've just received a! Greeting from ..... To view this greeting card, click on the following Web address at anytime within the next 30 days. *** Enjoy! The! Greetings Team.'

(I have omitted the web address to avoid accidental clicking!) under Exploit.ANI and also: