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Letter from Neighbourhood Watch Link Manager

Summer has come and gone, and the nights are getting longer, which means extended hours for burglars. Simple, non-expensive measures will greatly reduce your chance of being burgled.

Burglars are, on the whole, opportunists; please follow
these simple steps and do not give them the opportunity to burgle your home.

Bogus Callers

With so much technology easily accessible it is now simple for unscrupulous people to make fraudulent copies of most things, including Ids. You should never open your door or let an unsolicited caller into your home, even if they do show you an official looking identification card. Please can you get this message across to your members, especially the elders in your community. If it is a genuine caller they will be happy to wait while you call their company.

Christmas catalogues.

It is that time of year again and many companies, anxious for your money, will be sending out nice big glossy Christmas catalogues that cannot fit through your letterbox. Many of these are left on doorsteps advertising the fact that there is nobody home. Please can you either take the catalogue into your home for your neighbour or hide it in a place where it cannot be seen.

Keep vigilant, if you see anything suspicious phone the police immediately.

Quiz Night.

I am sorry to inform you that this event has been postponed and did not take place on 16th October.

Guy Fawkes Night (5th November)

The law and fireworks:
Advice for staying safe: