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Watching out for the Vulnerable - An Appeal from the Samaritans.

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25 Years On


On the 6th October 2010 the Metropolitan Police honoured the life of PC Keith Blakelock - 25 years on from his murder on the streets of Haringey. The officer was attacked and killed during the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham on 6 October 1985.

The reinvestigation into the murder of PC Blakelock, and attempted murder of PC Coombes, was announced following a lengthy review in December 2003. As part of this review, an address in Tottenham was excavated in 2004. A number of significant exhibits have also been forensically re-examined with advances in technology. As a result of people coming forward with information, the inquiry has this year entered into an arrest phase, with a total of 10 suspects being arrested during 2010. Officers are encouraged by the new information received and are starting to build a clearer picture of some of the events which occurred that night. It is important to reiterate that further information is still needed and officers can take extreme measures to respect individual confidentiality.

Detective Superintendent John Sweeney, who leads the murder inquiry, said: "When I was given the responsibility for re-investigating this murder I made a personal promise to Keith's widow, Elizabeth, and their sons. I promised to do my utmost to identify and bring to justice those responsible for killing Keith. The investigation team continues to strive to achieve this goal and today I am asking for the public's help.

"We can only imagine the pain the Blakelock family must feel from losing a loved one in such devastating circumstances. Receiving no answers for 25 years can only add to their sadness and frustration. It is incredibly important they are given the answers and closure that they yearn for and deserve.

"I know for certain that there are people out there with vital information who could help us provide those answers. If you are one of those people, I ask you to please come forward. If you were there and saw what happened, if you have heard people talking about their part in the killing, any piece of information, large or small, could prove essential to our investigation. 25 years is a long time and circumstances do change - relationships may come to an end, individuals and families can move house and children grow up. If you were 18 years old at the time you will be 43 years old now.

"We fully recognise that there are people who, for very valid reasons at the time, felt unable to come forward. I urge you to now reconsider your position and get in touch. All information will be handled in the strictest of confidence and we will assess and address any of the concerns you may have. "The re-investigation is very much on-going and we have made a number of significant steps forward in recent years, but we need the help of the public to ensure that all those who attacked Keith with weapons are held accountable for their actions.

"The 6th October 1985 was an extremely sad day in the history of policing and no police officer serving at the time will ever forget it. Today's memorial ceremony is a reminder of the brutal and tragic events experienced by the officers of Serial 502 that day. I am determined to establish the truth so that everyone affected can draw a line and finally move on.

"I urge anyone with even the smallest piece of information to please come forward and help us find the truth behind Keith's murder. You can contact the incident room in confidence on 020 8733 4613 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111." It must be stressed that the investigation is wholly focused on the murder of Keith Blakelock and attempted murder of Richard Coombes. It is not concerned with any other incidents which occurred during the Broadwater Farm disturbances. This is not a re-investigation of the riot and the police are not looking to arrest participants of public disorder.

The Metropolitan Police Service is here for London - on the streets and in your community, working with you to make our city safer.

New Front Counter Facility for Wood Green Police

The front counter facility at Wood Green police station has now been closed. This has been replaced by a modern front counter service at Fishmongers Arms, 287 High Road N22 8HU, will open to the public twenty four hours each day, seven days a week.

Fishmongers Arms

Wood Green police station is a Victorian building. Due to its age and design, the front-counter facility was not easily accessible to those with disabilities and the interview area gave no guarantee of privacy. In contrast the Fishmongers Arms provides an improved and more accessible environment where interview areas are separate from the waiting area, thereby ensuring privacy for visitors. Also in place is a low level counter and hearing loop facility. Improved IT systems that should help cut down on waiting times.

This new facility is situated next to Haringey Civic Centre, approximately 200 metres from the former facility. The Fishmongers Arms has good transport links, being close to Wood Green underground station and Haringey bus garage.

Overall it’s a more pleasant, professional environment in a convenient location and will help our front counter staff provide an even more citizen focused service to visitors.

Watching out for the Vulnerable - An Appeal from the Samaritans.

Samaritans logo and link


Those who have lost someone close, the elderly living alone and people living far away from their own families, including those working here from abroad, can become lonely and even feel depressed by the isolation, by the financial burden of the festive season just passed and the pressure of having had to entertain lots of people. As always, Samaritans is open throughout the year, even at the Christmas period – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – twenty-four hours a day, just like every other day of the year. Our 17,000 volunteers offer confidential, non-judgmental support to everybody, everywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Signs of vulnerability to look out for include:

If several of the things listed above describe you, a friend, neighbour or relative then now is the time to get some help and support. Yes, a person of any age could be affected over festive period

For 24 hour support contact Samaritans in these ways:

Telephone: 08457 90 90 90 - UK. Drop in to: to your local branch – we have 201 around the UK and Ireland. The Samaritans are at www.samaritans.org

Sad News

Thomas Rowland, who has been the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for the Franklin Street Neighbourhood Watch in Seven Sisters for many years, sadly passed away recently.

Neighbourhood Watch has received a message from Thomas’s son Graham saying how proud Thomas was to be part of the community and how he enjoyed and took his responsibilities for Neighbourhood Watch very seriously.

Thomas will be sorely missed by everyone in Haringey Neighbourhood Watch and his local community. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to Graham and all other relatives and friends of Thomas.

No Routine Armed Foot Patrols in Haringey and across London, Statement from Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.

Picture of Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.

Sir Paul Stephenson said:
"I wish to be clear: there have not been any routine armed foot patrols and nor will there be any."

"Fewer than ten intelligence-led specific operations have been undertaken by C019 which involved providing back up to neighbourhood teams. These were pre-planned operations, with specific objectives and timescales and were by no means routine in any way."

"This tactic was put together by officers for the best of reasons, to support and protect the local community and local unarmed officers. However, I believe that unfortunately there has been a failure to appreciate that this could look like a significant change of policing style. The way in which we have communicated this has led to the mistaken impression that we have created regular armed uniform foot patrols. That is not the case and it is not going to happen. I am very proud of the unarmed civilian service tradition of the Metropolitan Police Service and am determined to uphold it. When this apparent foot patrolling extension of existing tactics came to the notice of the Deputy Commissioner on Thursday he immediately instructed that this was not an option."

"Although we have seen a recent increase in gun crime, it remains lower than it was two years ago. Firearms officers will however continue to be deployed in situations where firearms present a threat and in support of their unarmed colleagues as has always been the case. If in the future it becomes necessary to extend uniformed armed deployments I will of course ensure full and robust consultation with the police authority and the wider community prior to implementation."

Operation Athena.

Under the title of "Operation Athena", the Metropolitan Police Service continues to carry out raids across London to crack down on domestic, homophobic, transphobic, race and other forms of hate crime. Hate and faith crime includes racist, homophobic and disability motivated crime, as well as crimes against adults at risk or older people, by members of their own family or carers.

Acting Detective Superintendent Gerry Campbell, heading Operation Athena, said: "Athena is now in its ninth year. "We now have public protection groups dedicated to proactively investigating a wide range of domestic violence, hate and sexual crimes. "We remain concerned that such crimes remain unreported, which we understand can be for a number of different reasons. However, we would like to urge any victims of such crimes to come forward and speak with us. We have access to dedicated, specialist care to support you and keep you safe. I want to personally appeal to victims to report these hurtful, sensitive and insidious crimes directly to police or through a third party or non-police reporting site."

The MPS has 215 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liaison officers working across all of London's 32 boroughs advising, guiding and supporting police officers and staff in their everyday dealings with LGBT people who live, work and visit London. Details of the local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender police liaison officers can be found online at www.met.police.uk/contacts/LGBT.htm .

There are many ways of reporting hate crimes, including the non-emergency 0300 123 1212 number, via the Metropolitan Police website www.met.police.uk . In addition, all boroughs in London have third party or non-police reporting sites for example www.galop.org.uk, www.londonfriend.org.uk and the helpline for the Lesbian and Gay switchboard on 020 7837 7324.

Haringey Community & Police Consultative Group PUBLIC MEETING - Agenda

Download as zip file

WEDNESDAY 25 March 2009 - 7.30PM.

The Civic Centre, Wood Green London N22 4LE.

The public meeting of the Haringey Community and Police Consultative Group took place on Wednesday 25th March, at 7.30 pm, in the Council Chamber, Haringey Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22. Acting Superintendent Graham Dean, the acting Borough Commander, talked about the borough's Policing Priorities and a presentation was given on the restraint techniques used by the Police. He also presented Haringey's Policing Report and Policing concerns could be raised.

Refreshments were available prior to the start of the meeting.


The Haringey Borough Association of Neighbourhood Watches would like to welcome Fred Williams as the new Chairman. Fred is regarded for his voluntary work in crime prevention and is looking forwards to help continue the expansion of Neighbourhod Watch groups across Haringey. Fred takes over from Ralph Crisp who after long service has elected to hand over the reins. Members would like to extend their gratitude to Ralph for all his hard work and time given to the Association.

The Haringey Borough Association of Neighbourhood Watches is a completely independent organisation that stands to support, enhance and promote Haringey's Neighbourhood Watches. Committee membership is open to any Haringey Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator and new members will be most welcome to take our existing 217 Watches to new heights.

New Police Telephone Numbers

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams (SNT) Web Pages (1/9/2008) and also with Phone Numbers

A project originally run as a pilot on Haringey Borough for four weeks was launched on 4th August 2008. This sees each Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Haringey having their own web page.



"Consequences" is a video from a new website, droptheweapons.org, which is part of Operation Blunt 2, run by the Metopolitan Police to tackle knife crime.

Update: Pictures and Video of Madeleine McCann.

The Hornsey and Wood Green Association of Neighbourhood Watches Quarterly Meeting was on 10/11/2008.

October Newsletter (6/10/2008) as a Word document: oct_newsletter.doc or as an Acorobat file: oct_newsletter.pdf

Cannabis Factory.

Cannabis Factory.

104 Drugs Search Warrants and Counting.

In the early hours of 1st October officers from Haringey’s Drugs Focus Unit carried out their 104th drugs search warrant since April this year.

Haringey’s Safer Transport Team Helps Immobilise Phone Theft (16/9/2008)

On Friday 12th September Haringey’s Safer Transport Team held a stall in Hollywood Green, Wood Green High Road, to offer personal safety crime prevention advice and encourage people to register their mobile phones on the Immobilise.com property register.

The Hornsey and Wood Green Association of Neighbourhood Watches Quarterly Meeting was on 15/9/2008.

Armed Policing - Could You?

Armed Policing - Could You? (22/8/2008)

The Mayor of Haringey along with selected members of Bounds Green / Woodside / Noel Park ward panels attended a presentation from the MPS Specialist Firearms Command (CO19), organised by Noel Park Safer Neighbourhoods team.

New Crime Mapping Website. (3/9/2008)

The website provides a set of interactive maps, showing numbers and rates of crime.

Boxing Scam (29/8/2008)

Bogus e-mails.

Should you receive an e-mail purporting to be from HM customs and revenue regarding an overpayment of tax do not believe it. This is the latest Internet fraud from Nigeria. The e-mail promises a refund and has a hyperlink to what appears to be the HMR&C website, this is a false site and once you have clicked on the site you have let a virus into your PC which will attempt to steal your bank and credit card details and empty your accounts.

HMR&C do not send e mails to taxpayers asking for bank details, if you are due any money then they will write to you and refunds are normally given by reducing the amount of tax you pay or by cheque.

Do NOT open any emails that you have doubts about. Verify the authenticity of it by contacting the company or person by telephone or by email before opening.


Most people have received leaflets from charities asking for donated goods to be left at a prearranged spot for collection on a specific day. Either the goods will be given to those less fortunate or the money raised will provide some form of aid. Unfortunately the less scrupulous are mimicking the process by pretending they represent a charity. They will produce a very plausible sounding flier detailing when they will be collecting. Some may make a minimal donation to a cause but more likely the money raised will go into financing an illegal enterprise such as people trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorism.

Authorised collector or thief? Authorised.

There have been times when a charity has invested money, done all the hard work of leafleting, providing sacks and setting out to collect the goods only to find someone has gone round before them taking all the donated items.

It is recommended that any donations are given directly to a responsible person inside a charity shop. Do not leave items outside or the chances are they will be taken. About a year ago there were reports of someone driving a Mercedes collecting from charity shop doorways, so there is a lot of money involved.

Again charities are suffering from bogus collectors going round rattling tins. The best way to give is either at a charity shop alternatively post a cheque or postal order directly to the organisation. If you do not know the address, your local library should be able to help.

If you have doubts about any organisation collecting goods or money, contact the local trading standards office.

104 Drugs Search Warrants and Counting

In the early hours of 1st October officers from Haringey’s Drugs Focus Unit carried out their 104th drugs search warrant since April this year.

Together with Harringay Safer Neighbourhoods Team and a drug search dog and handler, the officers forced entry to a flat and found nine rocks of crack cocaine and a quantity of cannabis, as well as drug paraphernalia. A man was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and possession of cannabis. He remains in custody in a north London police station.

The 104 raids have resulted in fifty-five arrests, the closure of six cannabis farms, and the seizure of substantial quantities of class A, B and C drugs, as well as cash and weapons

Many of the successes have been as a direct result of residents taking an active role in supplying Police with important information about drugs and suspicious activity in their local area.

The work continues as the Drugs Focus Unit continues to compile evidence to target other premises suspected of being involved in the supply, production or misuse of illegal drugs. If you have information about drug misuse in your area, please contact police on 020 8808 1212 or speak to your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team directly. If you wish to pass on information whilst remaining anonymous, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

DS Yasser Awad of Haringey’s Drug Focus Unit said:
"The community has played a vital role in providing information to help us obtain these warrants and act on issues that have been of concern to them."

“We are committed to responding to local concerns, conducting enforcement and prevention and reducing the harm drugs cause to our community. Our officers endeavour to encourage as many drug users as possible to engage with dedicated support workers and the Drug Advisory Service Haringey in order to offer them support essential to divert away from this chaotic lifestyle.”

“The work of the Drugs Focus Unit is in addition to the many warrants and stops regularly carried out by officers patrolling the streets. It’s a multi-faceted approach that we can see is having an impact on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Haringey’s Safer Transport Team Helps Immobilise Phone Theft (16/9/2008)

On Friday 12th September Haringey’s Safer Transport Team held a stall in Hollywood Green, Wood Green High Road, to offer personal safety crime prevention advice and encourage people to register their mobile phones on the Immobilise.com property register.

The officers were inundated with visitors to their stall and used the opportunity to hand out their latest news letter and anti-knife crime literature from the new Met advertising campaign.

PCSO Dan Humphries used a laptop computer to register in excess of 40 mobile phones onto the Immobilise database.

The Immobilise scheme, set up in 2005 to help catch thieves and reunite owners of stolen property with their goods, enables people to register their valuable items online at www.immobilise.com.

Sergeant Lesley Hitchen of Haringey’s Safer Transport Team said: "Mobile phones were taken in over 50% of robberies last financial year. The more people we can encourage to register their mobile on Immobilise.com, the less desirable mobile phones will be to thieves. Friday was so successful, with over forty people taking advantage of our help to register their mobile phones, that we will be doing it again."

You may have previously seen Neighbourhood Watch carry out equally successful exercises at St Ann's Police Station Open Day and at the Tottenham Carnival. We too will be carrying out the same free crime prevention advice in the future.

Safer Neighbourhoods

Team Level Web Pages. (1/9/2008)

A project originally run as a pilot on Haringey Borough for four weeks was launched on 4th August 2008. This sees each Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Haringey having their own web page.

The project aims to enhance the current information provided on the Safer Neighbourhoods website by providing ward level information for each of the 19 teams. Each team has their own web page that can be accessed using a direct web address, through the borough site or by using the postcode search facility on the Safer Neighbourhoods home page.

Each page contains individual team information including

Team photos
Team member names
Team address, phone numbers and email
Local events where the team can be met
Local priorities identified by the community
Information about the work of the team to tackle local community concerns
Ward map

Following the pilot, feedback was used to make any necessary changes before the project was rolled out across all boroughs using a phased approach.

The links below take you to the individual ward pages. It is not always obvious which ward you are in. If you do not know for certain, click the the ward name you think is the most likely one and enter your postcode to find out for sure. It is important not just to guess, for example if you live in Muswell Hill, you may live in Alexandra, Fortis Green or Muswell Hill wards. Alternatively, you can find which Ward you are in by entering your postcode into the teamfinder search box on a Metropolitan Police in Haringey webpage: http://www.met.police.uk/teams/haringey/index.php#btnPostcode.

The Team name should correspond with the Ward.

Alexandra Bounds Green Bruce Grove Crouch End Fortis Green Harringay Highgate

Hornsey Muswell Hill Noel Park Northumberland Park Seven Sisters St Ann's Stroud Green

Tottenham Green Tottenham Hale West Green White Hart Lane  Woodside

Crime Mapping (3/9/2008)

On 3rd September 2008 Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson, launched a new 'crime mapping' website. The website provides a set of interactive maps, showing numbers and rates of crime, and links to other sites including Safer Neighbourhoods Team web pages. The site also compares the crime levels in local neighbourhoods to the London average.

"Crime mapping puts information into the hands of every London citizen about the levels of crimes as well as contact details of their local police officers."

Boris Johnson said "This is a major step forward in enabling Londoners to be really able to assess the work of their local police in tackling the crimes that affect their neighbourhood."

The new crime mapping website can be found on: http://maps.met.police.uk/

Boxing Scam (29/8/2008)

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator,

I recently stopped a group of young children in the Muswell Avenue / Methuen Park, N10. They were knocking on house doors apparently trying to gain money from local residents under the pretence that they were collecting for a boxing club in East London that was going to be closed down.

Judging by the amount of money the children had on them this hadn't been unsuccessful. We directed them to leave the area and warned that if they returned we would seriously consider arresting them for fraud.

Please keep an eye out for anything suspicious and get in touch if you see anything untoward happening please get in touch with the police.

Neil Billany PS57YR.

Alexandra Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Muswell Hill Police Station, 115 Fortis Green, N2 9HW.

Armed Policing (22/8/2008)

Drug Seizure (22/8/2008)

Armed Policing - Could You?

BMW Bumper Thefts (18/7/2008)

Since January 2008 Haringey Police have received 33 reports of the theft of Bumpers from 3 or 5 Series BMWs.

Roofing Scam? (11-7-2008)

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator’s Day Trip to Lippetts Hill.

Annual Open Day at St Ann's Police Station, Update

London Week of Peace.

Haringey Welcomes Our New Borough Commander Mr Dave Grant.

Operation Blunt 2.

Abuse of Parking Bays for the Disabled.

Untaxed in Haringey (April 2008)

Coordinator's letter for April 2008. (27/4/2008)

The £2 Crime Deterrent. (23/4/2008)

Drug Dealer Sentenced. (19/4/2008)

Internet Is No Sanctuary For Criminals. (16/4/2008)

Mark Speight update (14/4/2008)

Borough Commander Promoted (28/3/2008)

Gambling Matters in Haringey (28/3/2008)

These watches need new coordinators (28/3/2008)

Possible Gas and Electricity Money Scam (25/3/2008)

Cafe owner gets three years for Arson with intent to endanger life. (19-3-2008)

Annual General Meeting of the Hornsey and Wood Green Association of Neighbourhood Watches. (February 2008)

Taxi Fare Scam Update. (5/2/2007)

Good doorstep behaviour. (20/12/2007)

Safer Neighbourhoods on-line survey launch. (12/12/2007)

Letter from Neighbourhood Watch Link Manager. (November 2007)

Newsletter, Autumn 2007 (pdf, 16.2Mb)

Letter from Neighbourhood Watch Link Manager. (October 2007)

E-mail virus and worm alerts.

Warning! Bogus Police Officers. (11/7/2007)

Terrorist Attacks. (3/7/2007)

London Week of Peace 2009, 2008 and 2007 updates. 28/10/2009.

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