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Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator’s
Day Trip to Lippetts Hill.

On 12th June, a group of Haringey Neighbourhood Watch coordinators visited the Police Helicopter base at Lippetts Hill in Essex.

On arrival at the Metropolitan Police Air Support Unit airbase, air operations officer Steve McGoey was on hand to greet the party, who were then taken to see one of the three new police helicopters. It was explained that this helicopter was currently being used for training, for the weekend visit by President Bush. Steve McGoey along with one of the aircrew, also named Steve, showed everyone around the helicopter and pointed out all the wonderful features of this new ‘piece of kit’ as the staff affectionately call it. After a lengthy question and answer session and a photo shoot there was a very interesting presentation on the new helicopters, which are the most advanced in Europe and possibly the world. It was explained how these three helicopters, introduced in 2007 at a cost of over £5 million each, more than pay for themselves in results and achievements. The coordinators then visited the helicopter maintenance area where a regular maintenance check was being carried out on one of the helicopters.

We had lunch at the local pub then went back on board the coach for the trip back to Haringey.

Photos taken by Richard Gardner.