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Please be aware and inform your neighbours, friends and relatives, especially the elderly of the following: An elderly resident reported the behaviour of two men (one dark skinned black male and one white male) in a medium size white box van (approx 10ft high) with no signage or writing visited him at 4.30pm 9th July.

The black slim male remained in the van whilst the white male got out and spoke to the resident on his driveway.

Described as white, mid 30s, believed to have an Irish accent (although he was trying to put on a Scottish accent), approx 5ft 6ins, stocky build, brown receding hair, wearing a horizontal striped jersey and blue trousers, he told the resident that there was debris falling off his flat roof and that a neighbour had complained. When the resident told the male to leave he became very abusive and called him some very unpleasant names, before leaving.

This was a very unpleasant incident and has been properly reported. With clear thinking the resident did the correct thing in sending them on their way and informing the police.

If you believe you have seen these males or you have received a visit from them, please inform the police immediately by dialing 999.