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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to subscribe, free of charge, to certain items on the site, so you will be notified automatically when they are updated. No e-mail address is required.

RSS Feeds to:

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You can also subscribe to the podcast by pasting the following address into Apple i-Tunes: http://www.haringeynhw.org.uk/podcast/podcast_feed.xml

Please let us know if these do not work with your browser, for instance, if a page of code appears rather than a page with links to articles and an offer to subscribe. If this happens, you may need to update your browser.

If you receive an error message please press F5, as the feed may only need updating from the site.

When you see the list of feeds, it is best to update it by pressing the F5 key as a new feed may not show up otherwise.

Internet Explorer 7

If you use Internet Explorer 7, the feed will work, provided you have not deselected 'Turn on feed reading view' in the Feed Settings dialogue box. This is in 'Tools' (from the 'Menu Bar' at the top left of the Internet Explorer page), then click 'Internet Options', then 'Content' then 'Settings' on the right of 'Feeds', then click OK after checking the box is ticked, to close each box in turn.

The items are downloaded automatically, if when you have subscribed you click 'View feed properties...' and tick 'Automatically Download files..', then click 'OK'. You can see the downloaded files by clicking 'View files' whilst on the 'View feed properties...' menu.

Firefox 2

Firefox version 2 and 3 work with feeds, the links can be saved in the Live Bookmarks. For a better result you can download the Feed Sidebar or the Feed Aggregator add-on: Sage for Firefox from Mozilla add-ons.

Safari browser 3

You can also use the Safari browser version 3. If you use another browser, please let us know what happens.

If these do not work or you get stuck, please tell us which browser and which version of it you are using. To find out, please left click Help and then About on the Menu bar at the top of the browser page.

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