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Latest advice from the Crime Prevention Office

BBC closes Interactive Home Security Feature on BBCi

If you are looking for tips on home security you could have taken a look at the BBCi Crime Prevention Website.

You could add security measures to a virtual house and have the benefits explained to you. It was also good fun! Unfortunately, it has now closed!

The BBC recommend their Crimewatch website instead.

Crime Statistics Live online

Did you know you can check crime statistics for your area on the Metropolitan Police Website?

Just enter your postcode on this page: Metropolitan Police Crime Figures.

This link is to a Home Office Website"

Further advice on Crime Prevention.

Mortice deadlock - Link to Crime Prevention Page

Consequences --> video from the droptheweapons.org site <--

  • Do not leave valuable items in rooms that are in view from the street.
  • Do not leave windows open when you leave the property - however briefly
  • Empty your vehicles of anything that might look interesting to somebody passing - even carrier bags can look inviting!

Seasonal crime prevention literature

Find out here what Haringey Council and its partners are doing to make Haringey a better, safer place to live.

If you want to know which Haringey Council Ward you are in, please click the link.

Safer Neighbourhoods  and Wards page

With residential burglary in London at a 25 year low, and with reductions in street crime being recorded, the Met has made significant progress in tackling priority crime. But despite these successes, research shows the people of London feel crime is on the increase – and our success in reducing that priority crime is meaningless if they continue to feel unsafe in their communities.

Welcome to Safer Neighbourhoods … a new era in policing. As London’s most ambitious and far-reaching community safety strategy, this programme offers:

  • Neighbourhood-based policing across Haringey.

  • A dedicated team of officers for each neighbourhood, consisting of one sergeant, two constables and three police community support officers (PCSOs)

  • Local communities a real say in deciding the priorities for that area, allowing the police to provide local solutions to local problems, whilst maintaining a focus on reducing priority crime

  • A Safer Neighbourhoods team in every neighbourhood in Haringey in April 2006

Find out which Ward you are in, how to contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team, also when and where to meet them at their local "Surgery".

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