Who We Are.

The Haringey Association of Neighbourhood Watches committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The current committee will stand down at the next AGM being held at the Civic Centre, Wood Green and a new committee elected.

The current committee are:
Currently vacant Chair
Ian Sygrave Vice Chair
Christine Barnwell Treasurer
Jennifer Bell Committee member
Lauritz Hansen-Bay Committee member
Arthur Leigh Webmaster
Jenny Buzzard Committee member
Freidrich Ernst Committee member
Fred Williams Committee member
updated 17/8/2017.

The committee meet approximately 6 times a year to discuss issues such as fund raising, publicity, events and meetings to support and enhance Haringey's 300 plus Neighbourhood Watches.

Nominees to join the committee must be current Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and can be co-opted onto the committee at any time during the year, however they will not be able to vote until elected at the following AGM.

We would welcome new members to join the committee. If you are interested please contact us at: admin@haringeynhw.org.uk.