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Anti-Drink-Drive Campaign Update.

Anti Drink Drive Campaign.

Anti-Drink-Drive Campaign Update. (22/1/2009)

Over 13,500 breath tests were administered and more than 1,100 people have been arrested as part of the Met Police Christmas crackdown on drink and drug driving. The campaign also focused on drivers under 25, normally viewed as a higher risk age group, with almost 4,000 tests administered to these people.

The operation, which took place from 1st - 31st December 2008, ran in support of the annual Christmas campaign. Traffic officers teamed up with their borough colleagues to conduct a total of 13,508 breath tests on motorists suspected of being over the alcohol limit, and 1,126 drivers were arrested after failing or refusing the tests. This year also saw 280 under-25 motorists arrested out of the 3,891 breath tests administered, compared to 213 arrested out of 2,817 tests administered in 2007.

There was also a fall in drivers arrested on suspicion of drug driving, with 5 out of 19 arrested following failure of Field Impairment Tests compared to 11 out of 34 in 2007. These involve the driver suspected of being under the influence of drugs undergoing a series of exercises designed to test balance co-ordination and reaction.

Chief Superintendant David Snelling, Head of the Traffic Unit, said,
"Although the results have remained fairly consistent with last year's campaign, it is encouraging that the number of people failing or refusing the tests do represent a smaller percentage of the overall tests administered."

"Unfortunately, there are still many motorists who think it's okay to drink and drive, thus putting themselves as well as other road users in significant danger. This campaign focused on the heightened risks during the festive period, but our work continues every day in targeting irresponsible drivers and making our roads safer for all Londoners."

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